Our Staff

Phil Miller-Evans


Phil Miller-Evans has been an ordained clergy since 1987. He has been working with the homeless and underemployed throughout his career. Micah Center was Rev. Miller-Evans brainchild in response to the growing disparity between the rich and the poor. Rev. Miller-Evans has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a Masters degree in Divinity, and has been working in areas of education for over 40 years. He is married to Janel Miller-Evans, a licensed clinical social worker and ordained clergy, for over 30 years. They have two grown married sons. Janel is a staff consultant for Micah Center as Director of Social Services.


Janel Miller-Evans

Social Services 

Janel Miller-Evans provides social services support to Micah Center. Rev. Miller-Evans is an ordained American Baptist chaplain and has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for more than 25 years. She provides counseling assistance to clients of Micah Center, staff support, and education.

Ronda Burnham

Program Coordinator

I’m Ronda and have been helping with the Literacy Camp for a couple of years now. My grandkids are almost all grown and live far away, so I love being around the Literacy Camp boys and girls. They keep me young 

Eneda Kulla        Ian Blair-Catala     Naseem Hamed


I’m Eneda and I’m a junior at the Center for Advanced Technologies Program at Lakewood High School. I was introduced to the Micah Center by the advisor for Lakewood High School’s Key Club.  I began working September of this year and I have been loving my time as a camp intern.


My name is Ian Blair-Catala, I am a Sophomore at Lakewood High School. Before I went to Lakewood, I attended a small charter school. There, my peers and I fostered a philosophy that focused  on caring and listening to the people around you. I have kept that philosophy to this day and it is a big reason why I love working here.  


I'm Naseem Hamed and am currently a student in the CAT program at Lakewood High School. I love technology, including robotics and programming. I also really enjoy volunteering with Key Club and helping people in my community. I'm excited to get started and help kids excel in school this year!