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Mission Statement

Compassion and caring ventures with the underemployed.


Vision Statement

 A community venture of compassion and caring for advocacy, education, empowerment, and assistance with the underemployed.

Micah Center is committed to educating the community so that it has the resources to assist itself; advocacy to work to change community standards that deter the advancement of human dignity; empowerment to unleash the potential of individuals to take charge of their own condition; and assistance when basic needs are met so that individuals can focus energy on efforts that will create economic security.


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Background of Micah Center

Saint Petersburg and the Tampa Bay region has often been rated amongst the most difficult places to live. May 25, 2011 the Huffington Post listed Saint Petersburg as second only to Los Angeles as the worst place to be homeless. Services to assist people to keep shelter and be gainfully employed people remains critical in a climate of severe criminalization of the underemployed.“Laws criminalizing basic human behavior, such as eating, sleeping or sitting in public places, are increasingly cropping up across the country even as homelessness is on the rise, according to a report released Tuesday by advocates for the homeless."We are in the midst of a growing human rights crisis right here in the United States," said Maria Foscarinis, executive director of the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, which released the report in collaboration with the National Coalition for the Homeless.” - Huffington Post, May 25, 2011.



The Micah Center developed from the missional efforts of the Church of the Beatitudes, now Circle of Faith.

The Church of the Beatitudes has a long history of strong community work for Social Justice. In the days when the church was a retirement church, the members were social minded. The congregation was a strong financial supporters of Happy Workers, a child care and early learning center developed for low income minority families of Saint Petersburg and our congregation became involved following the civil rights movement. For many years the congregation received a Martin Luther King Jr. offering that provided scholarships to local minority students to attend college. Through the efforts of member John Sherrod a weekly mission of providing sandwiches and coffee to street homeless was maintained for over 12 years. The congregation was represented on the streets when the city police were sent in mid-January 2007 to slash tents and dispose of property of the homeless in dump trucks. The Church of the Beatitudes opened its doors as a temporary refuge for about two dozen individuals. The congregation supported its own transitional housing program, Blessing House, for nine months. A relationship with Lionheart Recovery began in 2005 when as many as 70 people in recovery would gather at the church for our Agape meal followed with a 12 Step meeting. Over time this has evolved in the Church of the Beatitudes offering a weekly Christian based recovery program, Life Recovery Bible Study. Our outreach to our neighborhood has always involved children. In 2006, Reverend Phil Miller-Evans, pastor of the Church of the Beatitudes since 2002 wrote an article entitled Alley Children for a publication of American Baptist Churches USA. That article pointed out the impoverished hungry children living in and around the church building. The Church of the Beatitudes has been seen by these children growing up in difficult home lives as a place of safety.

Church of Beatitudes and Redeeming Church (both like minded progressive congregation) merged in 2019 forming Circle of Faith and continue to be the parent umbrellas corporation for the work and mission of Micah Center.

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